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Phoenix Jellyfish Dual Perc Bong 46cm Blue

Phoenix Jellyfish Dual Perc Bong 46cm Blue

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Phoenix Jellyfish Dual Perc Bong 46cm Blue

Introducing the Phoenix Jellyfish Dual Perc Bong, a commanding presence at 46cm, now graced in a captivating shade of blue. This bong seamlessly blends functionality with artistic design, delivering an enhanced smoking experience.

Seated upon a robust wheel base, the bong features a cylindrical main chamber and a sleek straight shooter-style neck. What sets it apart are the intricately designed percolators. The journey begins with an inline UFO-style perc, ensuring exceptional smoke diffusion. From there, the path leads up to the grand finale – a large, multiple-arm jellyfish perc, promising an even smoother and cooler hit.

The bong is accentuated with tasteful blue tints on the base and neck, adding a touch of character to its aesthetic. With 18mm joints and a complementary 18mm glass cone piece included, it's ready to elevate your smoking ritual.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of bongs, the Phoenix Jellyfish Dual Perc Bong in radiant blue is a statement piece that flawlessly combines style and performance.


  • Height: 46cm
  • Wheel Base
  • Cylindrical Main Chamber
  • Straight Shooter-Style Neck
  • Inline UFO-Style Perc and Multiple-Arm Jellyfish Perc
  • Blue Tints on Base and Neck
  • 18mm Joints, Includes 18mm Glass Cone Piece

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