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Types of bong cleaners

Bong cleaners are cleaning solutions specifically designed for cleaning bongs and
other smoking accessories. They are usually made of a combination of chemicals
that are effective in breaking down and removing resin and other build-ups from
the inside of the bong., or physical cleaners, such as brushes and wipes. Some
common types of bong cleaners include:

Alcohol-based cleaners:

These cleaners are typically made of isopropyl alcohol and are effective
in dissolving and removing resin build-up. They are also often combined
with salt to create a scrubbing action that helps to remove stubborn build-up.
These types of cleaners are best used with glass bongs, just be aware they
will also remove paint.

Citrus-based cleaners:

These cleaners are made of natural citrus extracts such as orange or lemon and
are effective in breaking down resin build-up while also leaving a fresh
citrus scent. They usually require soaking and scrubbing.

Enzymatic cleaners:

These cleaners use enzymes to break down and remove resin build-up. They are
often considered to be more environmentally friendly and less harsh on the

Physical cleaners:

These bong brushes can be used alone or in conjunction with a liquid cleaner.

When using any of these bong cleaners, it is important to follow the manufacturer's
instructions and rinse the bong thoroughly with water before using it again.

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