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Buy Bongs Online at Australia's best bong shop.

Who are we?

Bong Baron is one of the premier online bong shops in Australia, providing you with high-quality smoke products and accessories that makes every smoking experience unique. We stock premium smoking products and accessories that complement the herbal lifestyle. Bong Baron is your one-stop shop for bongs, herb grinders, vapes, dab rigs, ash catcher, rolling papers and trays, stash jars, smoking and bong accessories, and lighters.

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Ordering smoking supplies at Bong Baron is super easy and seamless. You simply have to choose the smoking product you wish to buy, add to the cart, and make the final payment. Done!

We accept payment via Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayID.

Whether you are looking for a high-quality glass bong or smoking accessories, Bong Baron has got all your smoking needs covered. Every accessory needed to elevate and perfect your smoking experience can be found at the Bong Baron.

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How can i pay?

The Bong Baron accepts payment via Credit Card, PayID or Direct Bank Transfer into our Commbank Account. Please use your order number or name as payment reference for direct bank transfers.

Where is Bong Baron located?

The Bong Baron is a registered business in the A.C.T.

Parcels are shipped from either the A.C.T. or from our Sydney warehouse.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times can vary greatly depending on location and size of parcel. Please allow 2-10 business days for standard shipping. Express shipping is the fastest option at 1-4 business days.

How discrete is your packaging?

We understand the need for discretion and our packaging will have no mention of bong baron or any branding. No information regarding the contents of your order will be visible on your packaging.

Where does Bong Baron ship to?

We ship all across Australian Capital territories to all residential and business addresses, PO boxes and parcel lockers.

Bong Baron is not responsible for items purchased that do not comply with your state laws. Please check your local laws before purchase.

What will the transaction come up as on my bank statement?

What will the transaction come up as on my bank statement?

All transactions will come up under the name Baron Trading on your bank statement. There is no mention of the website name.

Buy Bongs

The Bong Baron is the place for all your smoking needs. Whatever you are looking for, The Bong Baron will have what you need. We have a large range of glass bongs, herb grinders, dab rigs, rolling trays, ash catchers, stash jars, cone pieces, U.S bongs, cheap bongs, fancy bongs and bong accessories. We sell imported bongs from America, China and Australian made bongs.

We accept credit card payments. Quality glass bongs at great prices. Buy bongs online now from the best Bong shop in Australia.

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The Bong Baron

Get Ready to Perfect Your Herb Session with The Bong Baron


We Specialise in Quality Bongs, Vapes, Dab Rings and More!

Premier Bong Shops in Australia

- Bong Baron

Get premium quality, trendy Bongs for sale at Bong Baron.

​Buy Bongs Australia

From Unique Designs to Budget-Friendly Options

Searching for a bong shop that covers all your smoking and vaping needs can be challenging. You have to consider several aspects, including the quality and design of the product before making a purchase decision. Premium quality and highly-functional smoking products can immediately enhance your smoking experience. When you choose Bong Baron, be rest assured about having an enjoyable and heavenly herb session every time.

Our extensive collection of high-quality bongs covers the most popular materials - glass bongs and acrylic bongs. The selection features some of the most unique and popular designs, prints, shapes, and colours. We also store creative novelty bongs and affordable options to perfect any smoke session. 

We specialise in quality glass on glass bongs and uniquely designed glass bongs with a metal stem. Bong Barron also features the finest cone pieces, ash catchers, and downstem to make your herb session and smoking experience the most enjoyable time.

Premium Online Bongs in Australia

Now Restock Your Smoking Supplies From The Comfort of Your Home

Bongs are one of the favourite smoking products among the smoking community because it allows you to experience clearer, smoother hits every time. Regardless of the smoking preferences, bongs will unite the smoking community to enjoy their session and let the smoke carry away all their problems. 

To make the most of your herb session and enhance the smoking experience, you need a quality and highly functional bong. If you are looking for premium quality bongs online in Australia, Bong Baron is the place for you!

At Bong Baron, we believe in helping the smoking community with the best quality bongs in Australia. We stock an extensive range of high-quality bongs with a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, designs, and models. Check out the wide range of cheap bongs and other smoking accessories.

Buy bongs and other smoking products online from Australia’s leading smoke shop - Bong Baron.

Buy Bongs Online Australia Wide

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated ornate glass bong or a uniquely designed acrylic bong, we have smoking products for everyone. At Bong Baron, we understand that every smoking needs, preferences, and desires are unique and different. Therefore, we offer you an extensive range of bong collections at an affordable cost. We ship quality bongs Australia wide. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, or Adelaide, we will deliver desired smoking products anywhere in Australia. 

Buy the cheapest bongs in Australia only at Bong Baron.

Why Choose Bong Baron?

At Bong Baron, we offer you an extensive range of bong, vape, and smoking products from leading brands and manufacturers. We believe in delivering quality and cheap bongs to ensure you get the best smoking experience ever without paying a fortune.

Shop and Buy Best Bongs in Australia 

Discover our variety of Australia's highest quality glass bongs and accessories at Bong Baron. We have an extensive range of dry herb vapouriser, natural herb grinders, and other smoking accessories that will fulfil all your smoking needs. Browse through our collection of premium quality bongs and accessories and perfect your herb session!

U.S. Glass

High-Quality Bongs from Leading Manufacturers

Assortment of Bong Accessories

Eye-Catchy Designs with Unique Colours and Shapes

Affordable and Budget-Friendly Options

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