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FAQ About Ash Catchers

What is an ash catcher?

An ash catcher is bong accessory that sits between your cone piece and downstem. It acts as a pre filter, to stop unwanted ash and tar from entering your bong water or lungs.

Is an ash catcher worth it?

Yes! An ash catcher will prevent your bong water from getting filled up with ash and tar, meaning you will need to clean your bong much less often. They also improve the flavour of your smoke as your bong water doesn't get as dirty.

Does an ash catcher need water?

Ash catchers can be used with or without water depending on your preference. Without water, the ash and tars will stick to the sides of your ash catcher, without adding additional draw pressure. With water, they filter a little better but also add a bit of draw pressure as you inhale. Some styles of ash catcher are better to be used dry, while other styles are better to be used wet. Most styles can be used either way.

Do ash catchers make your smoke smoother?

When using an ash catcher with water that has percolators, it will cool and clean your smoke making hits much smoother and tastier. Dry ash catchers do not cool the smoke, but they do keep your bong water clean which will give you much better flavours.

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 Get Cleaner, Smother Smoke in Every Hit with Quality Ash Catchers


Looking for a way to improve the filtration system of your bong? Use an ash catcher!


Ash catchers filter the smoke and reduce the amount of debris that enters the water pipe, thus ensuring you experience a cleaner, smoother hit. The portable attachment restricts debris or tar from ending in your water. Since glass ash catchers are transparent, you can easily locate debris and keep them out of the main chambers of the water pipe. 

An ash catcher is a smoking accessory that attaches to a bong or water pipe to catch ash and other debris before it reaches the main chamber. This helps to keep the bong or water pipe cleaner and reduces the amount of ash and debris that needs to be cleaned out. Ash catchers typically have a small bowl or chamber where the ash and debris collect, and can be easily emptied or cleaned. They come in different sizes and shapes, and can have various percolators and filters that can cool and filter the smoke before it reaches the main chamber. Some ash catchers can also be used as a precooler, which cools the smoke before it enters the bong or water pipe.


Keep Your Bong Clean with Our Ash Catchers 


Our uniquely designed glass ash catchers can improve your bong's filtration system by separating debris and smoke in a water chamber. Apart from debris, our ash catchers can restrict several unwanted matters from entering your bong and prevent residue buildup in the main unit. Our ash catchers for bongs are available in various sizes, unique designs, and shapes. 


From 420 Cartel 14mm Female 90º Swiss Cheese Ash Catcher to 420 Cartel 14mm Male 45º Percolated Ash Catcher, find unique ash catchers at Bong Baron.


Do Ash Catchers Make a Difference?


Using an ash catcher can bring lots of differences in your smoking experience. These portable attachments will ensure your bong and the water inside remains cleaner for a long time. With ash catchers, you get to experience cleaner, smoother hits.


What Is the Best Ash Catcher to Use?


The best ash catcher depends on the accessory quality and your level of the smoking experience. Additionally, it is imperative to consider the size of a bong and other smoking accessory attachments. Since there are thousands of ash catchers available online, you must choose the one that suits your application. We have an extensive range of quality and unique ash catchers that may be suitable for your smoking experience.


What Is the Best Size Ash Catcher?


To identify the best size ash catcher, you need to figure out whether you want to choose a 14mm or 18mm sized ash catcher. Ensure the ash catcher should be the exact joint size as your bong. Additionally, look out for the correct angle of your ash catcher. These portable attachments are typically available at 45° and 90° angles.


For a beaker bong, consider using a 45° ash catcher. 

For stemless bongs, use a 90° ash catcher.


How to Clean an Ash Catcher?


Since ash catchers are portable attachments, you can remove and reattach them easily. To clean your ash catcher, use Isopropyl alcohol and salt. Shake the solution, discard, and rinse with warm water. Keep changing the water inside the bong regularly to ensure the best condition.


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