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63mm Herb Grinders

A 63mm herb grinder is a type of grinder specifically designed for grinding herbs, such as tobacco.

The size of 63mm refers to the diameter of the grinder, which is roughly 2.5 inches. These grinders typically have two or more parts that come apart to reveal a grinding chamber where the herbs are placed and ground up. They are commonly made out of metal, such as aluminum or titanium, and can have various features such as a pollen screen, kief catcher, or magnetic lid. They are larger than 50mm grinders and can grind larger quantities of herbs at once. They can be used to grind herbs to a fine consistency for smoking, vaporizing or cooking.

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Are you looking out for the best way to enhance your smoking experience? Consider using a herb grinder!


Herb grinders are an essential smoking/vaping accessory often used to churn herbs like tobacco and marijuana. Using this unique tool, you can level up your herb session and enhance your smoking experience effectively. Herb grinders can be used for any grinding need - from using it for the vape to a bong. These smoking/vaping accessories are one of the popular smoking products among smokers and vapers. Grinders are effective when used with rolling paper, bong, or vape. Additionally, these tools can promote adequate airflow by grinding the herbs in finer particles. Thus, offering you the best possible outcome.


Our extensive range of quality herb grinders is available in various materials, sizes, colours, and unique designs. Our herb grinders can be easily used with your vapouriser, bong or, for getting a perfect roll. From affordable solid colour 40mm 4 layers mini metal grinder to iridescent rainbow 50mm 4 layer grinders, you will find the best herb grinder to prepare your herbs effectively and make the most of your herb session. 


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Do You Grind Your Herbs by Hand Before Using Them for Any Vaping or Smoking Purpose? 


Traditionally, herb grinders were churned and crushed by hands. However, the entire process of churning a herb can be messy and unpleasant. To ensure effective results with overall cleanliness, you need a closed and compact herb grinder.


Since our herb grinders are closed and compact, you will get exceptional ground particles suitable for your vapouriser or bong. Our grinders can allow herbs to blend well while ensuring zero mess. Our herb grinders are designed from premium quality material and offer an unmatched smoking experience. We store an extensive range of herb grinders suitable to anyone's vaping or smoking preference. 


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Choose from a wide collection of herbal grinders to enhance your grinding efficiency. Our extensive selection of herb grinders includes affordable and durable metal girly weed grinders with 40 mm or 50 mm 4 layered designs. The quality metal design will help you achieve smooth, frictionless grinds every time. Our uniquely designed herb grinders have optimal functions to help you get the best herb session.


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