Collection: All Dab Accessories

Dab accessories are specialized tools and equipment designed to enhance the dabbing experience, which involves vaporizing concentrated cannabis extracts. These accessories are used in conjunction with a dab rig or dab setup to facilitate the handling, heating, and consumption of the concentrates.

Dab Accessories

If you’re looking to buy dab accessories Australia, we have a great range of different dab accessories. Marbles, terp pearls, dab tools, dab kits, stash containers and more! Most can
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There are a variety of accessories available for dab rigs
that can enhance the overall smoking experience. Some popular accessories

Dabber Tool:

A dabber is a small, pointed tool used to
handle and apply the concentrated cannabis extract onto the heated quartz
banger or dab nail. Dabbers come in various materials, such as metal, glass, or
ceramic, and may have different tip shapes to accommodate different types of

Carb Cap:

A carb cap is a lid that covers the heated quartz
banger or dab nail during the dabbing process. It regulates airflow and helps
to retain heat, ensuring more efficient vaporization of the concentrate and
enhancing the flavor profile of the vapor.


Quartz Inserts:

Quartz inserts are small, removable pieces
that fit inside the quartz banger. They help to distribute heat more evenly,
allowing for more consistent and controlled dabbing temperatures.


Terp Pearls:

Terp pearls, also known as dab pearls or terp
balls, are small, spherical pieces made from materials like quartz or ceramic.
They are placed inside the quartz banger and act as heat distributors, ensuring
more even vaporization of the concentrate and improved flavor.


Dab Mats or Pads:

Dab mats or pads are non-stick silicone or
rubber surfaces used to provide a clean and stable area for handling the
concentrate and dabbing tools. They help to prevent sticky residue from
sticking to surfaces and make the dabbing process more convenient.


Dab Containers:

Dab containers are small, non-stick
containers used to store and transport concentrates. They come in various sizes
and materials, such as silicone or glass, to keep the concentrate fresh and
easily accessible.


Cleaning Supplies:

Keeping dabbing accessories clean is
essential for maintaining the quality of the dabbing experience. Cleaning
supplies such as isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, and cleaning brushes help to
remove residue and maintain the cleanliness of the quartz banger, dab nail, and
other dabbing tools.


These dab accessories are widely used by dab enthusiasts to
ensure a smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable dabbing experience. Each accessory
plays a specific role in optimizing the vaporization of concentrates and
preserving the flavor and potency of the extracts.

When looking for accessories for your dab rig, consider the
material and design that best suit your needs and preferences. Keep in mind
that some accessories, like e-nails, can be more expensive than others.