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Alien Skin Sticky Mat

Alien Skin Sticky Mat

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Alien Skin Sticky Mat

Presenting the extraordinary Alien Skin Sticky Mat by AlienTech. This innovative mat is powered by Nano-rubber technology, delivering a truly out-of-this-world experience. Its remarkably sticky surface securely holds your precious glassware, reducing the risk of accidental tipping over.

With a gentle motion, you can easily remove your glassware from the mat, offering convenient usability. The mat's 120mm width is thoughtfully designed to fit most glassware bases, providing reliable protection for your cherished pieces. Beyond glassware, this versatile mat can also hold tools, mobile phones, and various other items, keeping your workspace organized and efficient.

Adding to its appeal, "Alien Skin Sticky Mat" features a captivating "The Galaxy" crop circle graphic, enhancing its cosmic charm.

With a 120mm diameter, the Nano-rubber technology ensures a durable and sticky surface that retains its effectiveness even after washing with water. Embrace the convenience and reliability of the "Alien Skin Sticky Mat," a must-have accessory to elevate your glassware protection and organization needs. Step into the realm of advanced technology with AlienTech and discover a mat that truly defies gravity.

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