Collection: Bud Jars

Bud Storage Jars

Bud jars, also known as herb jars or stash jars, are containers used to store buds or other herbs. They are designed to keep the buds fresh and protect them from humidity, light, and air. Some benefits of using bud jars include:


Bud jars are airtight and lightproof, which helps to preserve the freshness and potency of the buds.

Odour control:

Many bud jars have airtight seals that help to keep the smell of the buds inside the jar, which makes them a great option for discreet storage.


Bud jars come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your personal preference and budget.


Bud jars protect your buds from humidity and light which can cause mould, and can also protect them from air which can dry them out and make them less potent.


Bud jars can be a stylish way to store your buds, they come in various designs, colours and shapes.


Bud jars make it easy to keep your buds in one place, keep them fresh and organized.

The Bong Baron's online bong shop has some of the best stash jars available. Smoker and vaping enthusiasts understand the importance of quality, fresh herbs in their smoking sessions. A premium quality weed stash jar will preserve the freshness of herbs and maintain them in perfect condition. To store and preserve the freshness and strength of herbs, you want a quality stash jar. If you’ve been storing your herbs in metal tins, cigar boxes, or plastic Tupperware, you need a change!


At Bong Baron, we store an extensive range of stash jars available in various designs, sizes, styles, and materials. Our sleek and stylish stash jars offer you the best of both worlds - excellent storage and visual appearance. We only store quality stash jars and smoking products from the world's leading smoking accessories brand in the industry. So, rest assured about the quality and freshness of your precious herbs. Our stash jars are 100% airtight, UV proof, and can hold content up to 14 grams. Our entire collection of stash jars has a negative pressure seal, meaning you can rely on these containers to store and preserve the freshness of herbs.


Store, preserve and enjoy your herb with our unmatched selection of weed jars at Bong Baron.


Travel Well with Our Smell Proof Stash Jars


Storing your herbs when travelling without having to lose the original essence of your herb can be challenging. Various so-called storing products like metal tins and plastic bags can easily overpower the freshness of herbs, resulting in an unpleasant and dreadful smoking experience. To make the most of your fresh herbs, you should consider investing in smell proof stash jars.


Bong Baron's extensive range of stash jars is of premium quality with thick walls and an easy-to-use seal design while maintaining a perfect airtight seal. The unique design of the lids on our stash jars can easily create negative pressure ensuring the perfect condition of your herbs. Users simply have to fill in their favourite herbs, push the button, close the lid, and release the button. The pressure seal feature will ensure the lid sucks onto the jar to preserve the freshness of your herbs.


While on the road, use our airtight seal stash jars to enjoy a perfect smoking session.