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FAQ About Cone Pieces

What is a cone piece?

A cone piece is the bowl shaped bong accessory that fits onto your down stem. It is where the herb is loaded and also where the flame is applied. Glass cone pieces have ground joints which come in 14mm or 18mm sizes, they will only fit glass downstems. Brass cone piece come in various sizes which are interchangeable with metal stems.

What type of cone piece is best?

That depends on your needs, brass cone pieces are best for metal stems. Glass cone pieces work with glass down stems, they come in both 14mm an 18mm size joints and also male and female sex.

Why should i choose a 14mm cone piece?

14mm cone piece have a 14mm joint that will fit onto 14mm glass down stems. These type of cone pieces are great for people who prefer flavour over large hits. The smaller bore on a 14mm cone piece means your smoke gets less diluted and the flavour is stronger

Why should i choose an 18mm cone piece?

18mm cone pieces have a larger bore then 14mm cone pieces. This allows you to take much larger hits without the need for constant cleaning. They are compatible with 18mm down stems

Why should i choose a brass cone piece?

Brass cone pieces are made from solid brass and unlike glass are indestructible. They are compatible with metal downstems. They are easy to use and clean.

Are cone pieces interchangeable?

Yes. But you must make sure the joint and sex is correct. A 14mm male cone piece will fit a 14mm female down stem. A 18mm male cone piece will fit a 18mm female down stem.

To ensure a correct fit, it must be the same size but the opposite sex.

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Cone pieces for bongs, also known as bowls, are the
removable part of a bong where the tobacco or herb is placed and burned. They
are typically made of glass, metal, or ceramic and come in a variety of sizes
and designs. Some benefits of using cone pieces for bongs include:


Cone pieces for bongs can be swapped out, allowing users to customize their bong to their preference.

Easy to Clean:

Cone pieces for bongs can be removed and cleaned separately, which makes it easier to keep the bong clean.


Cone pieces for bongs come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your personal preference and budget.

Ease of use:

Cone pieces for bongs are easy to use, simply place the tobacco or herbs in the bowl and light it.


Some cone pieces for bongs are made of durable materials like borosilicate glass, which can withstand regular use and are easy to clean.