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FAQ About Downstems

What is a downstem?

A downstem is an important feature of your bong. It is the long cylindrical tube that connects the cone piece to your main chamber of your bong.

What are downstems made of?

Downstems are usually made of glass or metal. Some traditional bongs may also use bamboo.

What are the different joint types of downstems?

Glass downstems come in 3 main joint sizes, 14/14, 18/18, and 18/14. A 14/14 will need a 14mm joint on your bong as well as a 14mm cone piece. A 18/18 will fit a 18mm joint on your bong and a 18mm cone piece. While an 18/14 will fit an 18mm joint on your bong and hold a 14mm cone piece, it is also known as a reducer downstem.

Are glass downstems better then metal?

Yes! Glass downstems stay cooler then metal and they also have better joints to give you 100% airtight seals.

Down stems for bongs

A down stem is a long tube that is inserted into the bong
and extends down into the water chamber. It is used to channel smoke from the
cone piece into the water chamber, where it is filtered and cooled before being



Down stems come in different lengths to fit different bongs, so it's important to choose one that is the right length for
your bong.


Joint size:

Down stems also come in different joint sizes, the most common being 14mm and 18mm, so it's important to choose one that is the right size for your bong.


Diffused or Undiffused:

Some downstems have slits or holes at the bottom, called diffusers, which create a larger surface area for the smoke
to pass through and create a smoother hit. Others don't have any diffusers and are called undiffused.



Downstems are usually made from glass, but some are made from metal and silicone which are more durable and can withstand regular use.



Regular cleaning of the downstem is important to keep the bong in good working order.

What size downstem do i need?

Need help measuring your downstem? See our blog post for simple methods: