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How To Measure Your Downstem

A downstem is a long chamber that connects your cone piece to your bong. They are usually made from glass or metal. But buying a downstem replacement can be confusing.

Trying to decide what size downstem you need can be tricky. That's why we've put together this guide to make buying a downstem simple. Please remember that all sizes listed in our downstems are approximate, and they may be slightly longer or shorter. Please allow a few mm for variation due to the handmade nature of downstems.

Firstly we will deal with how to measure the length of your downstem.

If you still have your old downstem, the easiest way to measure for a new one is by measuring your old downstem! Sounds simple right? Just make sure you measure it correctly.

As you can see in the pictures above (to the left on desktop), the correct way to measure your downstem is from the very bottom, to the top of the ground glass joint.

On a reducer type downstem on the left, you measure from the bottom to top of the joint just under the lip. On the adapter type downstem on the right, you measure to the top of the lower joint, as pictured.

Lets face it, there's a good chance you cant measure your old downstem cause you smashed it, right? Don't stress, you can measure it easily with a pencil or similar object and a measuring tape or ruler.

Simply insert your pencil into the joint in your bong, making sure to leave enough room so it wont touch the bottom and water can bubble freely.

Then once you have got the height right, mark the top with your fingers. Then all you have to do is measure the distance from the tip of the pencil to your fingers

Now you should have the correct length needed for your downstem.

You next choice is joint size.

There are 2 joints on your downstem, one male joint to attach to the bong, and a female joint that will receive the cone piece. Downstem joints are listed as 14/14, 18/18 or 18/14. The first number refers to the joint size for your bong, while the second number is the joint size for your cone piece.

You will need to measure the inside diameter of your bong joint to get correct size. For 14mm joints, you can use a 14/14mm downstem. For 18mm joints, you will have the option of either 18/14mm or 18/18mm downstem, depending on which cone piece you would like to use with it.

And thats it! you are now ready to buy your downstem online, Check out some of these great options below:

Please ensure you pick correct length and joints before purchase.


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