Collection: Dab Kits

A dab kit is a collection of essential tools and accessories designed for dabbing, a method of consuming concentrated cannabis extracts. These kits typically include a quartz banger or dab nail, a dabber tool for handling the concentrate, and sometimes other accessories like a carb cap to regulate airflow and enhance vaporization.

Dab Kits

Dab kits are popular among enthusiasts who enjoy the potent and flavorful experience of dabbing cannabis concentrates. They offer a convenient and comprehensive package for dabbing, ensuring that users have all the necessary tools and accessories in one place to enjoy their concentrate extracts with ease and precision.

The key components of a dab kit may include:

Quartz Banger or Dab Nail:

This is the heating element where the concentrated cannabis extract, commonly known as "dab," is placed and vaporized.

Dabber Tool:

A dabber is a small, pointed tool used to handle and apply the dab onto the heated quartz banger or dab nail.

Carb Cap:

A carb cap is a lid that covers the heated quartz banger, regulating airflow and retaining heat, which improves the vaporization process.

Torch or E-nail:

A heat source is required to heat the quartz banger to the appropriate temperature for vaporizing the concentrate. This can be achieved using a torch or an electronic dab rig.

Dab Pad or Mat:

A non-stick silicone pad or mat is often included to provide a clean and stable surface for handling the concentrate and dabbing tools.