Collection: Detox and Bong Filters

FAQ About Bong Accessories

What are the different types of Bong Accessories?

All bong accessories will fit into 4 main categories: cone pieces, ash catchers, downstems or filters. They come in different joint sizes, usually 14mm or 18mm and also different sexes, male and female.

What is a cone piece?

A cone piece is the bowl shaped bong accessories that fits onto your down stem. It is where the herb is loaded and also where the flame is applied. Glass cone pieces have ground joints which come in 14mm or 18mm sizes, they will only fit glass downstems. Brass cone piece come in various sizes which are interchangeable with metal stems.

What is a down stem?

A down stem is a long tube that connects your cone piece to your bong. The smoke travels from the cone piece, through your down stem before bubbling into the bong water. Down stems come in metal, or glass with either a 14mm or 18mm ground glass joint. 14mm down stems have a smaller bore which is better for dabs and flavour, while 18mm down stems have a larger bore that is better for taking massive hits. Some down stems have open ends, closed ends or diffuser ends to help with cooling your smoke.

What is an ash catcher?

An ash catcher is a bong accessory that sits between your cone piece and down stem. Its purpose is to prevent ash from entering your bong water. They come if many different styles, and can be run wet or dry.

What is a bong filter?

Bong filters attach to the neck of the bong and are used to either cool the smoke or remove toxins. The Bong Baron has freezable glycerine coil filters which condense and cool the smoke, or charcoal filters which removes unwanted tars from the smoke.

Detox Mouthwash and Bong Filters

Detox mouthwash and bong filters are products that are used to help reduce the amount of toxins and impurities in the smoke that is

Detox mouthwash:

Detox mouthwash is a type of mouthwash that is specifically formulated to help remove toxins and impurities from the mouth and throat. It is often used by people who are required to take oral tests as it is thought to help reduce the amount of drugs in the oral cavity.

Bong Filters:

Bong filters work by filtering the smoke before it is inhaled. These use a combination of mechanical and chemical filtratrion to remove unwanted toxins.