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Oz Honeycomb Bong 25cm

Oz Honeycomb Bong 25cm

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Oz Honeycomb Bong 25cm

Introducing the exquisite 25cm Honeycomb Sphere Bongs by 710@420 Glass, a renowned Australian glassware company. Crafted with precision, these premium pieces are made from 3.5mm thick borosilicate glass, offering exceptional durability and longevity. Available in a variety of vibrant, multi-colored styles, each bong allows you to express your personal taste and flair.

Each Honeycomb Sphere Bong is designed not only for its striking appearance but also for optimal functionality. It features a convenient shotty hole, enhancing the ease of use during your smoking sessions. The base and grommet are constructed from 100% food-grade silicone, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Complemented by an aluminium stem and a brass cone, these bongs add a sophisticated touch to your smoking rituals.

Experience top-tier craftsmanship with 710@420 Glass's Honeycomb Sphere Bongs, where meticulous attention to detail ensures a superior smoking experience. Elevate your sessions with these artistic yet functional masterpieces, handcrafted by an Australian company celebrated for its excellence in glassware.

Dive into a seamless blend of art and engineering with 710@420 Glass's Honeycomb Sphere Bongs. Choose your ideal companion for smoking from our selection of multi-colored styles, each equipped with a shotty hole for convenience. Reflect your unique style and enhance your smoking pleasure with these outstanding pieces from a distinguished Australian glass company.

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