Collection: Dab Kits and Accessories

Dab Kits and Accessories

If you’re looking to buy dab rigs Australia, we have a great
range of different dab accessories. Ceramic nails, quartz nails, quartz bangers, terp pearls, dab tools, dab kits, stash containers and more! Most can be used on regular glass joint bongs!

There are a variety of accessories available for dab rigs that can enhance the overall smoking experience. Some popular accessories

Nails and Bangers:

These are the heating elements used to vaporize the concentrates. They can be made of different materials, such as titanium, quartz, or ceramic.

Carb Caps:

These are used to control airflow and vaporize the concentrates more efficiently. They are usually made of glass or titanium.


These are tools used to handle and apply the concentrates to the heating element. They can be made of glass, titanium, or other materials.

Ash/Reclaim Catchers:

These are attachments that sit between the rig and the nail/banger, and they are used to catch any ash or reclaim that may fall from the nail/banger. They can also be used to add extra filtration to the smoke.


These are electronic heating elements that can be controlled with a digital controller. They are an alternative to traditional torches, and they can provide more precise and consistent heating.

Dab kits:

These are kits they usually contain combination of accessories including bangers, caps, terp pearls and dab tools.

Dab Mats:

These are mats that are placed under the rig to protect surfaces from heat and sticky residue.

Terp Pearls:

These spin inside the bangers and help to keep the extract moving and evenly heated.

When looking for accessories for your dab rig, consider the
material and design that best suit your needs and preferences. Keep in mind
that some accessories, like e-nails, can be more expensive than others.