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Real Leaf OG Kush Infused Terpene Smoking Blend

Real Leaf OG Kush Infused Terpene Smoking Blend

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Real Leaf OG Kush Infused Terpene Smoking Blend


This natural smoking blend is made from a mix of natural smoking herbs including raspberry, Mullein, Marshmallow and Liquorice which are then infused with OG Kush terpenes, linalool, humulene and pinene. OG Kush flavour profile is lemony and citrusy. It has a trace of the smell of diesel and piney chocolate smell which makes it an extraordinary herbal tobacco.


Great for cannabis smokers who like to spin their weed but don't want to use nicotine. It has a sweet and zesty flavour with a unique terpene profile. Increases entourage effects of THC and CBD.


Contains 0% THC and CBD and is completely nicotine free.


  • Natural herbal blend
  • Infused with OG Kush terpenes
  • Nicotine free

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