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Lucid Dreams Herbal Smoke Mix 25g

Lucid Dreams Herbal Smoke Mix 25g

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Lucid Dreams Herbal Smoke Mix 25g

The LUCID DREAMS Herbal Smoke Mix offers a unique combination of five distinct herbs, each selected for its beneficial properties to mind and body wellness. Here is a closer look at each herb's contributions:

  • Lemon Balm: Revered for its soothing properties, lemon balm helps mitigate anxiety and fosters relaxation, making it perfect for calming the mind.
  • Sage: Historically utilized for its health benefits, sage is a potent herb for easing stress and boosting cognitive functions like memory.
  • Mugwort: Celebrated for its ability to stimulate vivid dreams and improve dream recall, mugwort is a fantastic choice for those delving into dream work or seeking more memorable dream experiences.
  • Catnip: As a natural sedative, catnip aids in achieving a deep, restful sleep, effectively alleviating insomnia and ensuring a peaceful night.
  • Spearmint: Used for addressing digestive issues and headaches, spearmint also serves to freshen breath and enhance general health.

Collectively, these herbs form the LUCID DREAMS Herbal Smoke Mix, a potent herbal blend designed to aid relaxation, enhance sleep, and enrich dream exploration. Ideal for those seeking to improve sleep quality, delve into their subconscious, or simply relax at the end of the day, this herbal mix is an excellent addition to your wellness routine.

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