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Alpha Glass Bong Dual Percolator 40cm

Alpha Glass Bong Dual Percolator 40cm

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Alpha Glass Bong Dual Percolator 40cm


This heavy-duty bong features both inline percolator and tree arm percolator which work together to create perfectly cooled and diffused smoke, while the built-in splashguard ensures that you never get water in your mouth.


The first perc that the smoke passes through is the inline perc. An inline perc is always shaped like a long glass tube. Along the underside of the perc, there are several diffusion slits. Each slit is responsible for generating filtration bubbles.


Once the smoke has been optimally filtered through the inline perc, the smoke travels to the tree perc. Located in the second chamber, the tree perc is a really cool looking filtration perc. Tree perc's have arms, which have diffusion slits at the ends. The Alpha Water Pipe has a tree perc with eight arms, each with diffusion slits on the end. Considering both of the percolators the smoke travels through, along with the capability of each of these perc's, it is safe to say that you get some pretty clean smoke out of this water pipe.


Furthermore, do not forget the splashguard that is located directly above the tree perc. With this luxurious addition, you won’t ever worry about getting unwanted water in your mouth. The Alpha glass bong is made from thick glass and features a 18mm female joint.

It come with a 18mm male cone piece.


  • 40cm
  • Inline percolator
  • Tree arm percolator
  • Splash guard
  • Thick heavy-duty glass
  • 19mm cone piece

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