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25cm Pink Glow in Dark Marc Jacobs Beaker Bong

25cm Pink Glow in Dark Marc Jacobs Beaker Bong

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25cm Pink Glow in Dark Marc Jacobs Beaker Bong

Introducing the 25cm Pink Glow in the Dark Marc Jacobs Beaker Bong – a medium-sized masterpiece that combines vibrant aesthetics with functionality. This basic beaker bong features a bold Marc Jacobs design that illuminates in the dark.

Crafted from thick and durable glass with a wide beaker base, this bong provides ample cooling without the need for percolators. Its easy-to-clean design is well-suited for heavy use, offering a perfect balance between size and functionality. Ideal for those who appreciate massive hits yet want to savor the full flavor profile, this bong is a versatile all-rounder.

Key Features:

  • 25cm Height: Perfectly sized for a comfortable and efficient smoking experience.

  • Shotty Hole: For controlled hits
  • Glow in the Dark: The vibrant glow enhances the Marc Jacobs design, adding an element of fun to your smoking sessions.

  • Beaker Bong: Featuring a classic beaker shape for stability and ease of use.

  • 18mm Joint: Versatile and compatible with various accessories for a customized smoking experience.

  • 18/14mm Diffuser Downstem: Ensures smooth and efficient diffusion for a satisfying hit.

  • 14mm Glass Cone Piece: Complete your setup with this essential accessory for an enjoyable smoking ritual.

Experience the fusion of style and practicality with the Pink Glow in the Dark Marc Jacobs Beaker Bong – a standout addition to your smoking collection

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