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Terp Slurper Banger Kit Full Weld Sandblasted 14mm Male Seamless Joint Black

Terp Slurper Banger Kit Full Weld Sandblasted 14mm Male Seamless Joint Black

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Terp Slurper Kit Sandblasted 14mm Male Seamless Joint Black


Beautiful high quality terp slurper kit available exclusively from The Bong Baron. This kit can be added to any bong with a 14mm female downstem to create a dab rig.


Your extract is placed into the bottom dish, and as it is heated it is drawn through slits into the bottom centre chamber where it is diffused by the spinning terp pill and pearls. The 3 separate spinning terp pearls create a negative pressure which slightly lowers the temp at which your dabs are vaporised. This provides a smoother hit with an increased terpene profile.


Terp pills and marbles increase the efficiency of your slurper. The marble cap sits perfectly on the flat top and all three pieces look fantastic together. While you're inhaling the pill works to constantly agitate and move your dab while also functioning as a heat sink to ensure that it's evenly heated. The marbles act together as a one-way seal to ensure not a wisp of delicious terp-laden vapor will escape.


It features an intricate sandblasted design with high quality full weld seamless joint, so it won't break easily under pressure like some cheaper kits. 


Each kit contains a sandblasted turp slurper and 3 terp pearls and comes in a convenient shock proof carry case. Available in several colours.


  • Pure Quartz
  • Sandblasted design
  • 3 terp pearls
  • Seamless full weld joint
  • Shock proof carry case

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